Yii2 Audit Demo

NOTE: This site will track your IP address and other information on all pages apart from the home page.

If you visit any other page on this site your information will be displayed in the public reports. If you do not wish for your information to be tracked then do not proceed.

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Trails create view

Whenever a model is saved in your application the changes will be logged to the audit_trail table.

To activate this feature simply add the AuditTrailBehavior to your models behaviors() method.

Mails create view

All mail sent from your application will be logged to the audit_mail table.

This feature is automatically activated when you enable the MailPanel.

Javascripts create view

Any javascript errors will be logged to the audit_javascript table. You can also log any data you want from your javascript.

To activate this feature register the JSLoggingAsset asset bundle.

Errors create view

PHP errors and exceptions are caught and logged to the audit_error table.

To activate this feature add the ErrorHandler class to your Yii config array.

cURL create

If you pass your cURL handles to the module, it will perform logging on the entire request.

Audit recognizes (and can pretty-print) XML, HTML, JSON and regular Query strings.

SOAP create

If you used the built-in SoapClient (either directly or to derive from), Audit can track your SOAP calls for you